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Martha with Love is a new fashion label by women for women. Our beautiful dresses are known for great cuts and feminine details. We create them for women, who - like us - want to make a difference. This is also why we chose to sell our dresses primarily through our independent Fashion Consultants, who - again like us - prefer to live an independent and self-determined life. Simply by offering their customers a very special, personal and fun shopping experience - online and offline.

Martha with Love is inspired by the wonderful grandmother of founder Christina Engehausen, who fled from East to West Germany with her family in 1949. Martha did not only have an extraordinary talent for tailoring, but also a unique sense for fashion. Like many women at that time, she sewed her own clothes. With the given times not permitting, Martha never had the opportunity to turn her passion into a profession. Fortunately this is different today. Therefore the name "Martha" is a tribute to all women of this generation who were denied the opportunities we have today.

Our collections focus on casual contemporary looks - from easy basics to stylish statement pieces. Every single dress is developed by our design team and manufactured exclusively for us. We conciously chose to produce within Europe. Our priority is high-quality and easy-to-care material, tailored in clear and easy fits, which are repeated across collections. All being tested in detail with women of all ages and bodytypes.

Our approach "by women for women" goes far beyond beautiful dresses. It is our genuine motivation to encourage women to explore new paths and take their future into own hands. To create an environment of mutual support and inspiration. And make the world a brighter place together.

Our Founders
About Martha with Love

After 15 years as a managment consultant for retail and social selling projects as well as 5 years of Start-up experience, including the launch of Svarowski Direct Sales (USA), Christina Engehausen fulfilled her dream she had for many years: In October 2018 she founded her own social selling company Martha with Love with her co-founders Marianne von Waldenfels and Stella Kist.

Marianne von Waldenfels has formerly been with the reknown fashion magazine INSTYLE for 20 years, acting as vice editor-in-chief for over 10 years. She is heading Marketing and Communications at Martha with Love.

Stella Kist has profound background in the area of New Media and Technology, with 20 years of experience in Operations, Account Management, Planning and a MBA from Havard Business School. She is responsible for Operations & IT at Martha with Love.

Christina Engehausen


Stella Kist

COO – Head of Operations

Marianne von Waldenfels

CMO – Head of Marketing and Communications

Laura Aufhammer

Senior Marketing Manager

Carola Sturm

Head of Sales
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