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You love dresses and styling

Your large circle of female friends and business ladies is also into fashion

You are looking for something to call your own or simply want to try something new with other amazing women

You are aiming for extra income on a smaller or larger scale

You are looking for a job with fully flexible working hours

You love networking, approaching others pro-actively and recommending and selling exciting products

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What does it take to become a Fashion Consultant?

It is quite simple - you love fashion and meeting other people. It comes natural to you to proactively approach your current (and future) network and to recommend and sell great products.

What exactly do I do as Fashion Consultant?

As the name says, you consult your customers when it comes to fashion and sell our beautiful dresses at exclusive private shopping events with sample dresses. These shopping events take place online, by phone. video call or obviously in person - either 1:1 or in a smaller or larger group.

How do I get further information on the job as a Fashion Consultant?

Send us your inquiry via our online form on this page. We will then get back to you to set an appointment for a call or a meeting to answer all your questions. You will also receive a brochure by mail upfront for you to get a first idea

How much time do I need to invest?

It is completely up to you how much time you allocate to your business. You are fully flexible and you are able to chose the amout of time fitting your personal lifestyle.

What do I need to consult my customers?

When you sign up at Martha with Love you select a Starter Kit, which includes samples dresses in different styles and sizes. In addition, you will also receive Marketing Material and other support. We will discuss with you individually which package is best for you.

Can I take the dress home with me when purchasing at a private shopping event or do I need to order it?

At a private shopping event your order your chosen dress and it will be shipped home to you in a beautiful packaging.

When will my customers and I receive the ordered items?

We are shipping with DHL. Within Germany it takes 1-3 days, within the EU longer lead times apply.

What are the payment options?

You may pay by credit or debit card, Paypal or Klarna. Depending your country, further payment options may apply.

If I am a hostess for an event, what can I do to make it a success?

Once your date and time is set, put together a list of guests from your network who share your passion for fashion and dresses. Make sure to also think outside the box: consider not only the inner circle of friends, there might also be interested ladies amongst your colleagues or extended network. We provide an invitation template to send by mail or text. Key message is: All you need is your living room and a cold bottle of bubbles, do not worry about any further details and just enjoy a fun girls night!

How many ladies usally come to a private shopping event?

If you chose to set up a small event, 2-3 guests are perfect. In case you prefer it to have more event character, up to 10 guests works just fine!

What are my benefits as a hostess?

You will receive a great reward when hosting an event: a product voucher worth 10% of your guests orders!

How does Private Shopping Online work?

Basic: Your Fashion Consultant will call you and walk you through our webshop and your favourites by phone. Standard: You are connected by Video Call or Facetime. You are browsing through our webshop with guidance and support from your Fashion Consultant. Advanced: You are both in a video conference with camera and a shared screen. Your Fashion Consultant demonstrates the dresses and explains all details of your personal favourites.

All you need is your device and stable internet connection to get individual advice while shopping online!

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